Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kanwar Yatra

The last two weeks, certain roads in India have been full of thousands of watercarrying, orange-clad kanwarias, devotees of Shiva. Kanwarias, as they're popularly called, carry holy water (kanwar) from the Ganges River (the Ganga) from Neelkanth, Gomukh or Haridwar to be poured on the Shivlinga in their hometown on the occasion of Shivratri. This journey is done on foot, and when completed, it is supposed to fulfill their wishes and endear them to Lord Shiva.

The gangajal (water of the Ganga) is poured over Shivlingas - a process known as Jalabhishek.  The main day that they do this is today.  Two weeks of traveling by foot has lead up to this day.

Please pray for the people that are on this journey.  Pray that this journey leads them to a relationship with Christ!  Pray for Christians to share the Gospel with them today!

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